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Event Name: ShipRocked 2023 Live

Event date: Sunday 22 January 2023 – Saturday 28 January 2023

Stream: ShipRocked 2023 Live Stream (Free Trial)

Category: Music festival

Location: Cape Canaveral, FL, US

Audience: All ages

07-day Music Festival

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Some benefits of ShipRocked 2023 US

This Music festival lets you enjoy live music from various Mexican genres in one place. -You will have the opportunity to explore different parts that you may not have had the chance to visit before. -You will be able to meet other Music lovers from all over the world and make new friends. -You will be able to see your favorite artists perform in an intimate setting. -You will be able to camp on-site and enjoy the festival atmosphere throughout the weekend

FAQ SECTION About ShipRocked 2023 US

1. When and where does the Hip-Hop Festival take place?

US Hip-Hop Festival will be held on Sunday 22 January 2023 – Saturday 28 January 2023 at Hip-Hop Festival US.

2. Who performs at the Hip-Hop Festival?

The line-up for ShipRocked 2023 will be announced closer to the festival. In the meantime, you can check out the lineup for Hip-Hop Festival 2023 here. Sunday 22 January 2023 – Saturday 28 January 2023 Line-up: Skillet, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Zero 9:36, Hyro The Hero, Giovannie and the Hired Guns, Dropout Kings, Ayron Jones, Lilith Czar, and Moon Fever

3. How many tickets are for the Hip-Hop Festival?

Hip-Hop Festival tickets start at $9.50 + booking fee for a weekend pass. You can buy tickets here.

4. What are the age restrictions for the Hip-Hop Festival?

The US Hip-Hop Festival is a 16+ event.

5. What should I wear to the Hip-Hop Festival?

You should bring a valid photo ID, ticket, and enough cash for the day. 

Blues River and Hip-Hop Festival are also recommended; bring sunscreen, hats, and water.

6. Can I bring food and drink to the Hip-Hop Festival?

You can bring food and soft drinks to the Hip-Hop Festival, but there are also plenty of food and drink vendors on site.

1. What items are not allowed at ShipRocked 2023 US?

Some items not allowed at ShipRocked 2023 in Blues River, US Hip-Hop Festival: are illegal substances, weapons, selfie sticks, and drones. See the Hip-Hop Concerts website for a complete list of prohibited items.

I have a question that is not listed here! For more information, please visit the Hip-Hop Concerts website or contact the Hip-Hop Music Festival US customer service team.

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1. Who are we?

We are Hip-Hop Festival, a company registered in Wales under the number 08042021, and our registered office is at 1 Concerts Way,

Manchester, M3 1AR.

2. What information do we collect about you and why?

When you buy a ticket to a hip-hop concert,

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1. Your name

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We collect this information to:

Send you concert information, including lineup changes, set times, and travel information.

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Customize your concert experience, for example, by providing information about the artists you are most interested in. Please comply with our legal obligations, our obligations under the US Blues River, US Hip-Hop Festival Health and Safety legislation

We collect this information for the following reasons:

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We will not share your personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.

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